How An Energy Efficient Home Can Benefit You

At Effect Home Builders we pride ourselves on providing energy efficient homes that capture a sense of community and integration. We use smart building techniques and an environmentally centred philosophy to provide you a home that not only looks gorgeous but also enhances your life.

Efficient Home Benefits By The Numbers

Living in your own home carries with it a set of responsibilities that go far beyond simple chores and yard work. We live in a progressively urban setting and the cost this has on the environment is always at the front of everyone’s mind. You shouldn’t have to feel guilty about the number of your square footage or the size of your backyard.

When new home buyers start looking for a place, they’re almost never told about the environmental impact that house will have:

Residential dwellings account for 17 percent of Canada’s energy use and almost 15 percent of our greenhouse gas emissions.

Traditionally built homes use construction methods and materials that haven’t seen advances for almost 100 years.

By using newer materials combined with renewable energy sources, Effect Home Builders can help you save as much as 140 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions a year. The translation this has into energy savings is also staggering. Although there may be some higher upfront initial costs, the return on investment pays out over the entire life of your home.

Using Green Technologies To Provide A Sustainable Package

Our constant research and development yields more innovative homes with every build. Our design philosophy is to blend technology and sound building practices to provide not only a healthy home to you and your family, but a functional and beautiful one as well.

Effect Home Builders are committed to providing as many green options in the design of your home as possible. We achieve this through actionable practices, rather than just paying lip service to the eco crowd. Some methods that we use to increase energy efficiency in our homes include:

  • Making the house’s footprint or “envelope” as energy-efficient as possible
  • The use of recycled and high-quality materials to aid in energy transfer and heat capture
  • Creation of renewable energy through solar panels and utilizing passive solar principles
  • Energy efficient appliances and windows to lower energy consumption

Looking To The Future For Design Inspiration

Every one of our builds is tailored specifically to your energy needs and captures your lifestyle in its construction. As products and innovations become commercially available, the benefits of green technologies will continue to increase, making them a viable option for homebuyers and builders alike. You can rest assured that we won’t rest when searching for the best materials and the most sustainable construction methods.

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