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Federal-style brought to life in the West

The Beauvert is inspired by Federal architecture, popular in the Eastern United States during the early 1800s. This choice of style is rarely seen in Western North America as it pre-dates prairie construction. It required special attention to the historical details of the style so as to reproduce it as faithfully as possible.




3,518 sq.ft.


  • Built Green Platinum
  • Energuide rating: 89
  • Insulated concrete form foundation walls
  • Geothermal heating system
  • Double stud wall with blown-in cellulose exterior walls

Built Better

  • Building Envelope
  • Heating Systems


The Plan

When the owners saw photos of this Federal-style home in an American publication, they immediately fell in love. They searched for a partner who would not only build them their magazine-worthy vision but make sure that the style of the home would also be reflected as much as possible in the interior of the home. We were willing to take on the challenge although we knew it would be difficult to accurately recreate this style while also incorporating the modern technologies the owners were looking for.

The Build

The classical stacked windows with symmetric shutters were such important features of the home’s exterior to get right. With ingenuity and tireless searching our team was able to locate and install the intricate mouldings, trim work, shutters, and hardware needed to make the original magazine pictures come to life.

Throughout construction we consulted with the owners at various stages to make sure that we were still moving ahead in line with their original vision. Inside the home, a fitness space, a music room, a children’s classroom for home schooling and a basement level garage were incorporated to meet the family’s practical needs. The site was extensively landscaped and contoured to accentuate the home’s impressive stature and as importantly, to conceal the infrastructure for the water and septic systems. The finished product was an energy efficient home in authentic Federal style, born of an inspired vision from the pages of a magazine.


Magazine Worthy

The Beauvert was named Best Estate Home by Canadian Home Builders’ Association – Edmonton Region the year it was built and was featured on the cover of the fall 2015 issue of Best Home Magazine. It seemed fitting that this beautiful reproduction rated a magazine cover of its own!

We would highly recommend choosing Effect Home Builders. They provide high quality workmanship, and integrity and transparency in their business dealings. The entire crew is pleasant, and after working together over several months on such a large project, we miss seeing them from time to time.


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