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The Skyline Home is built with structurally superior reinforcements. What the home’s envelope brings in elevated strength, the interior matches in increased efficiency.




4,655 sq.ft.


  • EnerGuide Certified
  • Insulated Concrete Form walls, floors and roof
  • Hydronic heating and cooling
  • Reinforced retaining wall
  • Tilt and turn windows

Built Better

  • Building Envelope
  • Heating Systems
  • Enhanced Home Protection
  • Solar Electric Systems (Photovoltaic)


The Plan

The homeowner wanted to build a contemporary two storey home that looked and felt completely solid and yet on the inside would create a warm living space with beautiful views from its elevated position. The building site was located on the crest of a ravine which lent itself to a walk-out style design, setting construction into side of the ravine. The structure needed to be substantial to endure the wear of exterior elements, while at the same time retain a strong connection to the natural beauty surrounding it.

The Build

Every detail of this home was tailored to convey a sense of strength. When built, the house appeared to be a veritable fortress commanding its position at the top of the ravine. The home’s foundation and its structural elements were reinforced to have more concrete, more framing, and more insulation and careful attention was paid to soil testing results to make sure the home was safely positioned. Once inside though, we ensured the home’s tough exterior was balanced by warmth which emphasized and echoed its natural surroundings. Floor to ceiling windows and patio doors were used for unimpeded, panoramic ravine views to encourage fluid movement from indoor to outdoor living spaces. A staircase with open risers and a wider than average tread was designed to sit in front of one of the floor to ceiling windows so as not to impede the open plan of the kitchen and dining area, and yet seems to somehow float within the view itself.

Hydronic Heating and Cooling

Heating and cooling systems were installed using pipes in the insulated concrete floor system, along with a fresh ventilation air delivery system for comfort year round.

Tesla Charger and Vehicle Lift

A Tesla car charger and 9000 pound vehicle lift are anchored by a moisture and abrasion resistant floor coating.

Reinforced Retaining Wall

Because the Skyline Home borders the edge of a ravine, it posed some geotechnical challenges. Precise engineering input and communication with city bylaw enforcement was needed to ensure we built a foundation and retaining wall that would be stable and stand the test of time. The back of the lot is shaped to allow for a levelled backyard with unimpeded access to the ravine. This means that a decorative tall retaining wall and cantilevered stairs offer attractive solution to extremely robust supporting structure. We also created a concrete balcony spanning the entire back of the house which ties in to the retaining wall, stairs, and walkways along side of house.

Effect Home Builders did an incredible job building our very unique home. They were involved with our architects from Day 1 to make our vision come alive. The work was professional and meticulous at every step. The quality is second to none. I can’t say enough about the integrity and commitment of everyone involved, from the owners of the company to everyone that set foot in our home from beginning to end. They truly care about their work—our house is magnificent!


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